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White t-shirt. Veterans Against Trump
March for Racial Justice and the March for Black Women

BanMarch#2_ - 7.jpg
Disabled Vet Fighting for Rights of Immigrant Wife
No Muslim Ban Protest #2

Veteran For American Ideals
"No Muslim Ban" Washington, D.C. Protest

I Served in the Military and Fought for Democracy for All People. No Ban on Muslims and Refugees!!
"No Muslim Ban" Washington, D.C. Protest

The United States of Immigrants, Citizens, Veterans, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Jews, Asians, Natives, Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials, LGBTQIA, The Disabled, The Poor, The 1%, The Middle Class
Amsterdam Women's March

I'm Gay and in the Military That's Our America Trump
Nyc women's march

Veterans for peace Resists Racism Misogyny and all forms of hate
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