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Red Hats = White Hoods. Images of the Klan

I Stand For Heather Heyer.
Stop Profiling.

Losers in 1865, Losers in 1945, Losers in 2017

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Build the Left, Fight the Right. No KKK.No Fascist in the USA. Will Trade Racists for Refugees. Diversity Makes America GreatFrom @OhioWomenMarch10:50 PM - 13 Aug 2017

NC Says NO to Fascist Trump! Black Lives Matter! Smash White SupremacyTweet by @sandraylk : About 300 Durham folk out on Main St. to @DurhamCounty : "remove the fucking statue!" #Charlotteville thx @workersworld for organizing 6:07 PM - 14 Aug 2017

Corn Bread Good, Racism Bad, Get Your Southern Pride Right. Tweet by @sandraylk : #Durham #NC tonight: we're out tonight @DurhamCounty Courthouse against confederate statues and against white supremacists #DefendCville5:55 PM - 14 Aug 2017

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Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: "James Fields drove the car - but Trump gave him the keys! Charlottesville solidarity rally, Union Square NYC. 4:27 PM - 13 Aug 2017

Signs: Resist, Black Lives Matter, Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: NYPD refusing to let NYC Charlottesville solidarity rally march from Union Square to Trump Tower. 4:35 PM - 13 Aug 2017
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