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Save Our One Home
No Muslim Ban Protest #2

This Muslim, Female, Climate Scientist is Still Here!
"No Muslim Ban" Washington, D.C. Protest

In My Home We Believe... Black Lives Matter, No Human Is Illegal, Science is Real, Women's Rights Are Human Rights etc
The Nashville Women's March started at Cumberland Park, pictured here, before protesters marched into downtown.

Science is Real. Save Affordable Healthcare and Planned Parenthood
Fairbanks Women's March

Black Lives Matter. Love is love. Immigrants Make America Great. Climate Change is Real. Womens Rights=Human Rights. You Can Try to Divide. We Will Rise and Unify.
Women's March on Washington

We are not up for grabs! A woman's place is in the resistance. Patriarchy is for Dicks. Our only home is getting where we need clean energy, water, air, soil, and food for our children.
Women's March on Washington

We Shall Overcomb. Keep Your Laws (and your Grabby Little Paws) Off My Pussy. Stop Global Warming. Make Change! End Voter Suppression. Repeal and Replace Trump! Fight Global Warming!
Women's March on Washington

Love is Love. Black Lives maTTER. Climate Change is Real. Immigrants Make America Great. Womens Rights Are Human Rights. We Are the Daughters of the Witches You Weren't Able to Burn
Women's March on Washington

"Prisons do not disappear problems. They disappear human beings." -Angela Davis. Save Our Earth.
Women's March on Washington

A Clean Safe Environment is Imperative for All

I Need a Dozen Anti Trump Signs. Misogynist. Xenophobe. Authoritarian. Ignorant. Racist. Demagogue. Narcissist. Birther. Unethical. Islamophobe. Tax evader. Climate change denier. Bonus has a pathological disdain for the truth.
Washington DC…

Climate Change is Lethal
Washington D.C. Women's March

"we do not live single-issue lives" -Audre Lorde
climate change + BLACK LIVES MATTER + education + economic equality + equal pay + DREAMers and immigrants + victims of gun violence + LGBTQ rights + women's health and her right to choose +…

Science is Not a Liberal Conspiracy
Women's March on Spokane

Sign seen at the Women's March on Washington in Washington, D.C., 1-21-17. Sign reads: "Black Lives Matter, Women's Rights=Human Rights, Science is Real, Love is Love, Kindness is Everything"

Keep the
Love equal
People healthy
Justice served
Science supported
Planet protected
Refugees welcome
Differences embraced
Faith in America's promise

Photo taken in Williamsburg, VA. Sign carried in march in Norfolk, VA.

Hate Does Not Make America Great
Respect women including Mother Earth
Washington, DC
Random marchers

protest at queens park toronto ontario canada.jpg
No to Racism, Inequality, Divisiveness, Climate Denial
Photo taken at rally at Queens Park, Toronto, ON, Canada (Womens March TO). Queens Park is the Ontario legislature.
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