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We Are Indivisible With Liberty & Justice for AallTweet by @gail_leiser: Solidarity with #Charlottesville in Bar Harbor @Indivisible_MDI @IndivisibleTeam4:21 PM - 13 Aug 2017

Created by Ellie Kates
Black Lives Built Charlottesville

Signs: Resist, Black Lives Matter, Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: NYPD refusing to let NYC Charlottesville solidarity rally march from Union Square to Trump Tower. 4:35 PM - 13 Aug 2017

Call Evil By Its Name.
DT- Say It: Domestic Terrorism.
Stand Against Hate

Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: Panorama: Over a thousand people at Charlottesville solidarity rally in Union Square, NYC. 3:36 PM - 13 Aug 2017 Visible sign: Hate Is Not An American Value

Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: Honor The Dead, Fight Like Hell. Charlottesville solidarity rally, Union Square NYC. 3:46 PM - 13 Aug 2017Visible signs: Solidarity Not Silence. No Pasaran! Black Lives Matter

I Stand For Heather Heyer.
Stop Profiling.

Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: "James Fields drove the car - but Trump gave him the keys! Charlottesville solidarity rally, Union Square NYC. 4:27 PM - 13 Aug 2017

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Maine Stands Against Hate
Charlottesville vigil in Bar Harbor

Smash White Supremacy Make Racists Afraid Again. World's Workers Party. Partido Mundo Obrero. Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: Smash White Supremacy. Charlottesville solidarity rally, Union Square NYC. 4:29 PM - 13 Aug 2017

Racism is Never Justice. Believe Me These Young Men Don't Speak For Me. Melanin Rocks. Black Lives matter
March for Racial Justice and the March for Black Women

Visible signs: No Platform for Fascism, Unite and Fight Against Racism, Rather Than A Wall, We Need A Mirror To Reflect on What We've Become Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: NYC Charlottesville solidarity rally has shut down 6th Avenue for blocks, headed to…

Visible signs: Smash Racism, Black Lives Matter, Smash White Supremacy Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: NYPD wouldn't let NYC Charlottesville solidarity demo get near Trump tower so it crossed Central Park to Trump International & closed out. 6:39 PM -…

Silent = Complicit. Make Racists Afraid Again. No! Drive Out Trump/Pence Regime. Truth Matters: A Very Fine Person. Not A Very Fine Person.
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