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Call Evil By Its Name.
DT- Say It: Domestic Terrorism.
Stand Against Hate

Women, LGBT People, Black People, Latinos, Muslims, Native People, & Immigrants Are What Make America Great.
Stop Pretending Your Racism is Patriotism.

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Maine Stands Against Hate
Charlottesville vigil in Bar Harbor

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We Are Indivisible With Liberty & Justice for AallTweet by @gail_leiser: Solidarity with #Charlottesville in Bar Harbor @Indivisible_MDI @IndivisibleTeam4:21 PM - 13 Aug 2017

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Our White House is NOT An Alt-Right Platform From @OhioWomenMarch10:50 PM - 13 Aug 2017

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Build the Left, Fight the Right. No KKK.No Fascist in the USA. Will Trade Racists for Refugees. Diversity Makes America GreatFrom @OhioWomenMarch10:50 PM - 13 Aug 2017

Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: "James Fields drove the car - but Trump gave him the keys! Charlottesville solidarity rally, Union Square NYC. 4:27 PM - 13 Aug 2017

Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: Honor The Dead, Fight Like Hell. Charlottesville solidarity rally, Union Square NYC. 3:46 PM - 13 Aug 2017Visible signs: Solidarity Not Silence. No Pasaran! Black Lives Matter

Smash White Supremacy Make Racists Afraid Again. World's Workers Party. Partido Mundo Obrero. Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: Smash White Supremacy. Charlottesville solidarity rally, Union Square NYC. 4:29 PM - 13 Aug 2017

Visible signs: No Platform for Fascism, Unite and Fight Against Racism, Rather Than A Wall, We Need A Mirror To Reflect on What We've Become Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: NYC Charlottesville solidarity rally has shut down 6th Avenue for blocks, headed to…

Visible signs: Smash Racism, Black Lives Matter, Smash White Supremacy Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: NYPD wouldn't let NYC Charlottesville solidarity demo get near Trump tower so it crossed Central Park to Trump International & closed out. 6:39 PM -…

Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: Panorama: Over a thousand people at Charlottesville solidarity rally in Union Square, NYC. 3:36 PM - 13 Aug 2017 Visible sign: Hate Is Not An American Value

Signs: Resist, Black Lives Matter, Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand Tweet by @KeeganNYC read: NYPD refusing to let NYC Charlottesville solidarity rally march from Union Square to Trump Tower. 4:35 PM - 13 Aug 2017
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