The Trump Protest Archive is a self-funded digital repository that documents and makes accessible original items of material culture (signs, clothing, and other objects) from protests related to the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald John Trump, and the numerous demonstrations of dissent in its aftermath. The archive seeks photographic contributions from protests in Washington D.C, the wider United States, and from participants across the globe. At the dawn of a new American president, this archive serves to understand the various voices of resistance and their role in shaping a new future.

Recently Added Items

NRA Sashay Away


A pink button reading "NRA Sashay Away" worn on a blue and red scarf over an orange t-shirt. The font for NRA is black sans-serif, while "Sashay away"…

Be Kind


Be kind. It's just as simple as that. - Emma Gonzales
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